A forward thinking community of like minded individuals that fosters an environment of education, creativity, inclusivity, and collaborative growth for all.

our mission

WCC is on a mission to produce a sustainable Global Brand that empowers the NFT holders to experience the process of building a Collaborative Brand. 

Where our community of artists, fashion designers, creators, brands, and web3 enthusiasts collectively influence and develop the phygital brand. 

We are seeking artists, fashion designers, content creators, marketers, brands, and web3 enthusiasts to collectively create an ecosystem that integrates your art and fashion into physical products and the metaverse. 

women's Creative Collective


women's Creative Collective



Anne Stacey

Anne is the founder and visionary behind the Women’s Creative Collective. A serial entrepreneur, fashion enthusiast, and strategic creative at heart. Her experience in the fashion industry and retail tech serving thousands of retailers and wholesalers with emerging technologies along with her passion for education around financial literacy has led her to form this innovative space for multi-hyphenate women. 

Community is her biggest motivator. So, when conceptualizing for this NFT project she wanted to make sure that all felt represented – no matter their experience in the Crypto space. Anne and the team envision a world where women from all walks of life feel empowered to flex their skills, learn new ones, and create something they can be proud of – both IRL and online. At Women’s Creative Collective, Anne is dedicated to pushing innovation forward through marrying new technologies with the utility of tangible products. This is just the beginning. Join Anne and the Women’s Creative Collective to shape what’s next.

Lucia Friedrich

Hi, I’m Lucia, I’m the artist behind the illustration of WCC. 

I live in Zurich, Switzerland but lived as a digital nomad for the last few years (Mexico, Bali, Thailand). 

With my aesthetician’s eye and building early tech, I’ve always been obsessed with design and innovation, fashion, art, travel and culture and discovering and supporting emerging designers and artisans around the world. 

I’m so excited for the Web3 revolution happening at this very moment. What a fantastic time to be alive as we shape what is possible in this new dimension of art, commerce, and the community at WCC and beyond. The power of blockchain technology provides freedoms and solutions that were never before possible in Web2. Thanks to NFTs, it’s easier than ever to thrive as an artist, which I’m very grateful for.


The Women’s Creative Collective (WCC) is on a mission to produce a sustainable Global Brand that allows the NFT holder to experience the process of building a Collaborative Brand where creative meets retail on the blockchain!   Our goal is to have the community collectively influence and shape the WCC phygital (digital-physical) style.

WCC’s Genesis Silhouette Collection is designed by co-founder and artist, Lucia Mercedes. These generative NFTs will be extremely unique as only 7,777 out of the over 698 million possible trait combinations will be selected. We have partnered with Little Words Project, 500 WCC NFTs will have the rare bracelet trait each containing a symbolic word. Each word was carefully chosen to represent the vision, brand and direction of the community and company that we're building together. If you receive one of these rare bracelets we will ship the physical bracelet that matches your NFT at no cost to you. Details on claiming will be updated in the Women’s Creative Collective discord.

-Receive a physical print of your NFT (snapshot - 2 weeks after mint)

-Resources to help our NFT holders launch their creations in the metaverse

-Digital wearable airdrops (wen weardrop) and physical apparel designed by our designers and community members

-Airdrop art pieces - from artists inside and outside of our community

-Exclusive IRL events for holders only & in Metaverse (Decentraland & Sandbox with more to come!)

-Private channels for holders –  invaluable for networking and resources

-Collectively own the WCC Phygital Commerce Brand 

-WCC holders will receive access to our future projects v2 with our app and launchpad for community members

Collection size: 7,777 Mint dates: -Presale: 6/14 .07 ETH -Public Mint: 6/14-6/15 .077 ETH

During mint, you can purchase with a credit card or Crypto on wccnfts.io.

If you do not have a “wallet” you will be able to create one prior to minting, if you do have a wallet you will be able to connect your existing wallet. If you need assistance please contact us in the Women’s Creative Collective Discord https://discord.gg/wccnfts

Women’s Creative Collective will be available on OpenSea.

If you are an influencer interested in joining us and receiving one of our WCC Star Boxes please email support@womenscreativecollective.io.

Please fill out our form https://forms.gle/WPV6ENds2vP4b8KSA our team members will reach out to you or you can join our discord.